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Okay Joe, I think I could use your help...

Congratulations! You are obviously a progressive entrepreneur or individual who recognizes the importance of a business coach, consultant or mentor! Introducing…


With my “mini huddle” offer you can get a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation with me to assist you in whatever capacity is necessary to achieve your goals or nurture your business into a more effective, recognized and respected entity.

Upon submission and review of your information, I will contact you within two weeks, providing three alternate times I will be available for your mini huddle consultation. We’ll also see if you and I are a “fit” and able to work together for a solution to your needs. 

If you want to skip the mini huddle and put Joe to work right now, get his Test Drive (90 minute intensive) or contact him to see how his coaching, consulting or mentoring services can assist you in your business.

Get your mini-huddle now:

Have you previously worked with a consultant, coach or mentor?
If yes, who did you work with and what were the results?
I need assistance in the following area(s)
What are the three biggest challenges you are facing?
Any other helpful information?

Joe’s Areas of Expertise:


Direct Response Marketing


Lead Generation Advertising




Identity Integration


Graphic and Web Design


Systems Development


Small Business Startup


Subconscious Motivation


Influential Presenting

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